My Fiction Books

A collection of twelve dark short stories about revenge, lust, love, money and murder with a twist.

Available from Amazon as an e-book and as a paperback.

Available from Barnes & Noble as an e-book  and  as a paperback.

Available from Kobo (e-book)

Available as a paperback from CreateSpace.










 Two short stories of revenge and murder. Available  from Amazon.

  • “The two short crime stories in this book read like hardboiled fiction. Like any good short story both stories in Murder with a Twist are tightly written and we jump into the action right away. Both stories were written from a woman’s point of view and whether in the first person view point (Salt Free) or the third person point of view (The Green Light) John Greco accurately portrayed the mindset of, in one case, a woman cheated by her husband and in the other a women using sex to get what she wants. I found the twists at the end of both stories to be surprising and satisfying. I’m hoping that these two stories are the beginning of a larger collection of stories by this author.”  – Carol Balawyder  author of Getting Mr. Right.

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